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How It Works - Zero Hand Truck
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How It Works

Find out how the pivot system makes lifting so much easier and discover the features of a zero hand truck that make them superior to a standard hand truck.

Patent Pending Zero Pivot System

Watch the video to see the Zero Pivot System in action against an ordinary hand truck. Look at just how much easier it is to use a Zero Hand Truck!

Regular Hand Trucks do not have any mechanical aid to assist in managing weight.
What this means is you will feel the weight of the load from start position time and time again.

Zero Hand Trucks however are quite the opposite. Just effortlessly tilt and Gravity takes all the load up to 45 degrees. Once 45 degrees is reached you take control and will sense no load weight.

Because the load is managed by the Zero Pivot system we have created, you can enjoy between 50-100% lighter loads.

Get ready for a safer, more efficient and weightless way of transporting heavy goods.

Features of a Zero Hand Truck