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Zero Pro Hand Truck - Zero Hand Truck
Industry Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 5XB UK
+44 191 296 6939

Zero Pro Hand Truck



Patented Zero Pivot System
The Zero Pivot System reduces the weight of the load to near zero, letting gravity do the work whilst you sense no load weight.


Stair Gliders
The added stair gliders on the back of the truck (that sit lower than standard hand trucks) allow you to ascend and descend stairs with ease.


Non-Marking Puncture Proof Tyres
The Tyres are made from a Polyether composite that doesn’t mark under contact or require inflation and therefore cannot be punctured.


Roller Bearings (Not Ball Bearings)
Moving heavy loads is much easier with roller bearings in oppose to traditional ball bearings. This is because the weight is spread over a much larger area, reducing the overall stress on the bearing.


Superior Polyether Tyres
The tyres are made from the same material as skateboard wheels and have a higher deformation resistance than standard PU or rubber tyres. This means travel under heavy weight is much easier.


Solid One Piece Wheels
Solid plastic wheels outperform bolted alloy wheels that come lose after constant use.


Cheaper Shipping for Resellers
Removable wheels and toe plate that allow the size of the parcel to be greatly reduced and therefore cheaper to ship.

Maximum  Weight Capacity: 300kg 

Shipping Dimensions: 1300 x 410 x 280 (mm)

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Patent Pending: PCT/GB2018/050925

Toe Plate Dimensions: 500 x 190 (mm)


Watch this short video explaining how the patented pivot system works to make your job so much easier! See the side by side comparison to a standard hand truck and understand what makes a Zero Hand Truck so much better!
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