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Why Choose Us? - Zero Hand Truck
Industry Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 5XB UK
+44 191 296 6939

Why Choose Us?

At Zero Hand Truck, we find the best solutions for every aspect of our products to make handling as easy as possible. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose us for your handling solutions.

  1. Patented Pivot System
    Our pivot system is what makes our hand trucks the best. By reducing the effort required to lift a load by 50-100%, you can be sure our trucks will save you time and effort.
  2. Health and Safety
    Manual handling injuries account for more than a third of all workplace related illnesses. A big proportion of these are muscular strains caused by lifting large amounts frequently. Our lifting aids greatly reduce the risk of these injuries through the Zero Pivot System.
  3. Wide Range of Trucks for Different Needs 
    We have applied our pivot system to a large range of hand trucks for all kinds of uses. Therefore we are confident we have the right hand truck for you.
  4. Continuous Improvement and Innovation 
    We are constantly striving to find new applications to apply our systems to, in order to cover new and more unique handling uses. Our latest development is a forklift style attachment that can replace the original toe plate of our existing hand trucks.
  5. Heavy Duty Rugged Design
    Most of our trucks are made of thick 32mm steel to handle massive payload capacities. We also minimise fixings so the chances of parts becoming loose is extremely small.
  6. Cheaper Shipping for Re-sellers 
    Our hand trucks have removable and folding parts to allow the packaging size of our products to be greatly reduced, therefore the cost of shipping is minimised.
  7.  Puncture Proof Tyres
    By using a polyether composite instead of pneumatic tyres, there is no need to inflate the tyres and no risk of puncturing them either.
  8. Roller Bearings (Not Ball Bearings) 
    Our trucks have roller bearings in the wheels in oppose to ball bearings. This is because the weight is spread out over a larger area and therefore puts less pressure on a single point (like in ball bearings), making it much easier to push a heavy load.
  9. Low-Friction Tough Tyres 
    The tyres are made from the same material as skateboard wheels and have a higher deformation resistance than standard PU or rubber tyres. This means travel under heavy weight is much easier.
  10. Quick and Easy Assembly 
    Some trucks come pre-assembled and ready to use and the others can be assembled in minutes with only a couple of tools, so you can get on with using it.
Trade Shows and Events

Come and see us personally at one of our trade show events! We attend these trade shows in order to showcase our range of hand trucks so consumers can experience first-hand how much easier a Zero Hand Truck is to lift heavy goods in comparison to a standard hand truck.