What makes the Zero Hand Truck more efficient than standard trucks?

Let’s take a look at how the innovative patent-pending pivot system makes lifting so much easier and discover the features of a zero hand truck which allows them to be so superior in comparison to a standard hand truck.

Standard Hand Truck

Regular standard hand trucks do not feature any mechanical aid in which to assist in managing the weight.

This means that from the first moment of lifting the load, you feel 100% of the weight from the starting position.

Zero Hand Truck

Zero Pro Hand Trucks feature the patented Zero Pivot System. This means that you can effortlessly tilt and allow gravity to take the heavy load up to 45 degrees. Once 45 degrees is reached you simply take control, sensing almost no load weight.

The zero pivot system means you can work smart, not hard – enjoying 50-100% lighter loads.

Safer, more efficient and weightless means of transporting heavy goods.