Never struggle to pick up and move heavy loads again with the revolutionary Zero Hand Truck. Strongest and easiest hand truck to use on the market.

2-in-1 Tool to suit any environment

The Zero Pro Hand Truck is a heavy-duty 2-in-1 sack barrow and platform trolley with an impressive 300KG weight capacity as standard, when converted to a trolley it is capable of transporting up to 500KG of weight. The sack barrow is designed to withstand nonstop daily use within warehouses, factories and delivery trucks. Sack barrows are essential to everyday working life when operating within a warehouse environment.

Trolley castors available either at the point of purchase or separately.

Easy to manoeuvre

Castor wheels makes navigating tight walkways and isles a breeze. Large bed and up to 500 kg load capacity allows workers to transport large amounts of goods in a single trip.

The advanced design of our sack barrow with extending handle allows for it to carry a range of heavy-duty items which would typically cause issues when lifting or carrying manually. Items such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, logs or crates can easily be lifted and transported.

Roller bearings

Another benefit of the Zero Hand Truck over competitors is the use of roller bearings, instead of industry-standard ball bearings. The roller bearings are far superior in that they offer a greater shock resistance which results in improved durability and smoother performance.

Ball bearings are built for speed, with roller bearings the sack barrow and platform trolley can support up to x4 greater weight while remaining remarkably more efficient & easy to push than a standard truck.

Solid rubber tyres

Additionally, the barrow is equipped with puncture-proof solid rubber tyres to ensure that you’re never left in a difficult situation with a flat or damaged tyre under a heavyweight load. This also means that they do not deform when under heavy load, allowing the trolley to be gracefully pushed and pulled between destinations with minimal effort.

When trucks use pneumatic tyres, they can support only minimal weight before they begin to deform, when deformed they become near impossible to push.

Full steel design

Finally, the zero pro hand truck is manufactured from a steel frame that has been zinc-coated and is toxic-free, this coating protects the steel from oxidation for a significantly longer time than paint. Over time your barrow will not chip or deteriorate, leave behind the frustration of a rusty truck just weeks after you purchase. The frame is made from thick 32mm steel and heavy-duty components so you can be sure that it doesn’t stop working until you do.

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