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What are sack trucks?

First things first, let’s look at what a sack truck is. Well, it’s a tool used for moving; whether it’s moving home, furniture, or even a piano – there’s one for you. They are typically found in warehouses and help move goods. They resemble an L shape, which when fitted with wheels allows you to lift and load heavy goods. 

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What are they used for?

Sack trucks are crucial to everyday working life within a warehouse environment, without them it would take a lot longer to lift and move heavy loads. For instance, imagine lugging a 90kg log splitter without a tool – no thank you. With this nifty piece of kit, employees save their back, their time, and their sanity by being able to load several items at once. To lift, simply load your goods onto the platform at the bottom of the L, tilt back, and away you go. No straining your back or weight training your legs every day.

What sack truck do I need?

As the old saying states, how long is a piece of string? They don’t all equal nor made for the same purpose. But as always, you get what you pay for. Our Zero Hand Trucks feature our patented pivot system, they take the work out of lifting. It’s portable, precise and, powerful – capable of lifting 150kg. Once you pivot it beyond 45 degrees it makes it 50-100% easier to lift. Better yet, the tires are puncture-proof. 

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Summary: Sack Trucks are usually found in warehouse environments and used to move goods safely. Likewise, there are several different types to suit your needs.

What do I need to consider when buying?

  • Weight Capacity
  • Tyre Type
  • Handle Type
  • Back Height
  • Special features

Moreover, before you consider these, it’s best to know what you’re needing your sack truck for. For instance, if you’re lifting particularly heavy loads, would you benefit from a pivot system? Likewise, if you’re running across multiple terrains, would zero puncture tires help? Also, portability – does that matter to you? By considering these you’ll know what you need to buy, buy better – buy it once. 

How to use a sack truck safely

  • Back straight: Always lift through your legs
  • Heavy to Light: Placing the heaviest items at the bottom will keep them secure
  • Rest on the Axel: Make sure it’s loaded & angled correctly
  • Stable, safe, secure: Loading it correctly the first time will reduce issue
  • Inspect the truck: Make sure it’s fit for purpose
  • Push, don’t pull pulling heavy loads can strain your back
  • Tire Maintenance: Make sure the tires aren’t flat
  • Not too high: Don’t pile it too high
  • Not too tight: Be careful with your hands, don’t get them caught
  • Use the Correct hand truck:  Make sure you’ve got the correct piece of kit

Summary: By considering these points you will keep yourself and your employees safe. Furthermore, by ensuring you lift correctly you’ll be safe for the rest of the day.

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful, if so comment below! Can you think of a use for a Sack Truck that we’ve missed – let us know below? 

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